Managing Trustee Vidyabhavan Trust

Shri Snehal M Shah
Managing Trustee Vidyabhavan Trust

In an age where a click of the button brings you in touch with the entire world and opens up entire vistas of knowledge, the importance of a website is indeed immense.

As a Law College, with more than 4 decades of existence and achievement, the contribution to education and society has been one of continuous growth and progress. This college has produced lawyers and judges of great repute both at the State and National levels.In addition to academics, the college has always strived for all-round development of the students. This has borne fruit in the number of prizes won at various inter-college competitions. The students have shown their academic ability by winning medals and awards at various examinations.
At a time when law is one of the popular courses, I congratulate the Faculty of the college for setting and maintaining such high standards.
I am indeed happy that the website is being launched as this will give an opportunity for aspiring students from everywhere to have a glimpse of the past, present and future of this academic institution.